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Oaks & Acorns 2010 Workshop Program In A Teacher's Garden, Everyone Grows

This is a program designed specifically for educators to support the development of effective relationships at school. You will use your own real situations from your classrooms and your school to extend your ability to build teaching and learning relationships. You will plant you own seeds for growth with the attitudes of the Person Centered Approach: Congruence, Empathy, Unconditional Positive Regard, and Non-Violent Communication.

AND   Those Who Want To:
  • Engage their Students Powerfully
  • Enliven their Passion for Teaching
  • Energize their Enthusiasm
Who can benefit:
  • Seasoned Educators
  • New Teachers
  • Lead Teachers
  • Department Heads
  • Counselors

Save the Dates: April 8,9,10 - April 14 - April 16,17,18

What you can take with you:
Seeds for growing (skills for developing) the kind of relationships that:
  • Eliminate Blame of Self and Others
  • Strengthen responsibility in your students
  • Increase participation in your classes
  • Effectively deal with those you find most difficult (students, parents, co-workers)
A Harvest (portfolio) containing:
  • Documentation of your accomplishments - extended ability to build teaching and learning relationships
  • Rudimentary skills of Congruence, Empathy and Unconditional Positive Regard
  • Reflective Journal
  • Handouts, Guidelines and Reminders
  • Additional resources
Additional Coaching/Mentoring sessions Register for April workshop email: jhicks7.hicks@gmail.com

Four-day-plus-one-mid-week evening April 8,9,10 April 14 April 16,15,17

How we are different:

  • Time to integrate the depth of your experience
  • Your own real issues, questions and situations you choose to share become the content of the course
  • Person Centered Approach* is the process, methodology and attitude
  • Learning occurs by practice and by observing others practice
  • Follow - up mentoring and coaching sessions

The Facilitators:

Jacqueline Hicks
"Teachers and administrators are increasingly looked to for guidance in the social and emotional growth of students. Their ability to form effective relationships with their students, students’ parents, and each other is vital in meeting successfully the growing challenges emerging in education today. Having been teacher, counselor, principal, consultant and, with each endeavor, grown in confidence and competence from my first year through to the next new endeavor, I feel the call is ever stronger to share the important and indelible lessons I’ve learned -- lessons I know work for the betterment of anybody willing to engage in the journey with me."

About the Person Centered Approach Discovered by Carl R. Rogers, a 20th century giant in the field of Humanistic Psychology, Person Centered Approach (PCA) embraces the attitudes of congruence, empathy and unconditional positive regard as necessary and, most likely sufficient, for the conduct of satisfying relationships between people and extends to the fields of education, philosophy, peace work, organizations, communities and religions and more.

Congruence is an authentic sharing of my experience in the present moment, delivering the same message as is in my self-awareness. Empathy is my understanding you, the way you know you are, without imposing me upon you. Unconditional Positive Regard is my openness to and prizing of the potential for growth that exists in our mutual relationships.

For Additional information contact jackie7.hicks@gmail.com

Alannah Sinclaire
"After twenty-five years teaching in both public and private schools, it seems every year is like my first year! I approach each day fresh and new with a bit of humor and knowing not to take things personally. I find it painful to see the way adults speak to children and the way children speak to adults. My experiences have given me many “stories” to share about the things that work for me and the things that don’t. I’m excited to help cultivate a garden where everyone grows."