Auto Clean was founded by Rigo Santana in 2000 to meet the growing demand of luxury automobile owners who care deeply about how their vehicles look and perform, and are seeking professionalism, consistency, reliability, and integrity in the way their treasured rides are cleaned, detailed, polished, and pampered. In the past decade, Auto Clean has fulfilled this role with responsibility and pride, and has expanded its vehicle base to include motorcycles, RVs, trucks, boats, and aircraft.

The detailers at Auto Clean are certified reconditioning professionals who have undergone many hours of hands-on training. Auto Clean is committed to using the latest in eco-friendly technology and superior-grade products to deliver the most satisfying results to its customers.

The dedicated team at Auto Clean is committed to delivering the highest quality service in a timely and efficient manner, while also ensuring a minimal impact on the environment. Auto Clean is a 100% eco-friendly company and is Small Business Green Certified. Auto Clean is also a proud member of the Better Business Bureau.

Auto Clean’s polite, dependable, and meticulous detail specialists understand that maintaining your vehicle's beauty requires a delicate touch and that your satisfaction is priority number one. They strive to offer the best detailing

service in an ecologically responsible and sustainable manner. They will preserve the luster of your vehicle using the finest technology and bio-degradable products, in a process that will not adversely impact the environment.

Auto Clean detailers use a revolutionary low-pressure system, which requires just one pint of water instead of several gallons, to further ensure that the impact on the environment is absolutely minimal. The low-pressure system has eliminated the step of using water containment mats, typically used in the industry to prevent wastewater and harsh chemicals from entering the ecosystem. This sets Auto Clean apart from its competitors. All cleaning products are VOC compliant.

Auto Clean offers several cleaning options, from a simple wash to fine detail, including Elite Hand Wax, Essential Detail Package, and Signature “Xtreme” Detail.

Auto Clean schedules appointments based on your availability and circumstances, which allows us to take the extra time and care your luxury vehicle deserves.

At Auto Clean, we take pride in knowing that our customers can be satisfied not only with the quality of our work, but also by the safe and conscientious manner in which we do our work. Our mission is to protect the beauty of your vehicle and your world.